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3 Years in India

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I moved to India.  Well, it feels like 2 seconds, and it feels like 20 years, all at the same time.  Time is funny like that.  I heard that time is actually a time scape, where it all exists at the same moment and every possibility is already laid down for us in a quilt like layer and all we have to do is pick which future we want, every possibility unfurled at every moment along our lives.  Or at least that was my lay-man interpretation of a physicists description of time.  Which makes sense to me, because I don’t experience time like a fluid river going past me.  There’s too many ways in which it feels both long and short, and 1 year running NextDrop in India feels like 10 years working my last job.

in some ways I feel like I have aged at least 10 years, and in some ways, I have learned so much about things I don’t know, I feel like I’m an adolescent again, or even younger.

Child- like wonder.  I heard that is the key to creativity, and the key to staying young, the key to staying happy.  The key to everything really.  If we can maintain that state of child-like wonder, to realize how much of the world there is still left to see, how much there is still left to understand, how vast that space is of what we don’t know, I think that is a life well lived.

I think the one thing the last 3 years has taught me is humility.  Humility because I am now beginning to fathom how much I don’t know.  And probably will never know.  But I can at least try, and spend my life trying.  Spend my life using the knowledge I have accumulated to better the state of humanity, but also living in child like wonder at the large expanse of the unknown.

Living with the knowledge that there will always be something new on the horizon.

It’s a comforting thought really.  The world of the unknown isn’t flat.  It’s infinite.


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