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All You Need Is Love

At least that’s what the Beatles tell us.  Maybe they are on to something.  Maybe the first step to enlightenment and zen is to fill your life with love.  And not the possessive, I can’t live without you, if you leave I will die love. Honestly, I don’t even know what that is.  I think that may be chemicals.  I feel like studies back me up on this (Because really, how long does that last?)  Yes, speaking from the resident expert on being in love which has happened OH so often in my life.  Anyway.


Point is- I think filling your life with the love that is simply an amplified form of appreciation for everything and everyone around you, is incredibly beneficial.  Be it your work environment, home environment, friends, family, whoever or whatever. Just be grateful and exude..well…love.

I honestly think that if we can manage to do that, it’s the first step to all the good stuff.

Yes, I am using the L word people.

Try it out- it may feel pretty awesome.

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