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Random Thoughts From a Random Woman

I realize that there are some things I want in life, but I don’t want them right now.  Sometimes, the journey to getting to the point where you can live in nice places and buy lots of expensive things is just as fun as actually getting there. I want to relish that journey, and I don’t want to fast track it.  I’m young.  I have time.  I want to rough it out some more so I appreciate what I will have in the future.

But not rough it out too much.  I like my massages.  I like shopping.  (Only when I have money).  Retail therapy, to me, is indicative of bigger problems in life, most of the time.  Other stresses I’d like to attribute to just not having enough stuff to wear.  But occasionally, it actually IS just about going and doing something else- using the creative design part of your brain to see what outfits would look good with what you have, what would look good on you, what you want your future self to look like.

I am obsessed with journals. I buy them all the time.  Whenever I want to start a new part of my life, I buy a new journal. They are just delicious.  I love writing my notes in them, drawing pictures, and looking back to see my thoughts from years before.  I have 3 journals now- one for business, one for ideas, and one for journal writing.  My business one is from Denmark.  My idea one is from London.  My writing one is from India.  I also love pens, and love to write with particular ones (but if nothings around, I’ll do with what I have). It’s incredibly cathartic.

I think I want all my things to have a story.  I’m the curator of the stuff in my life.  I want my story of stuff to be relevant, at least to me.

I love books.  I actually hate my iPad and recently gave it away.  I got my Kindle back.  I don’t know why but I love it so much.  I love homes with tons of books, I think I”m going to have to accumulate some of my own.  I love them too much.  I thought I could do away with it, but there is something about them.  Some books are Kindle worthy.  Some books are buying worthy.  Especially the ones that you can’t buy on your Kindle.

It’s weird when you realize that you’re probably just as smart as the people running most countries around the world.  Or the people making cool inventions.  Or the people doing anything important in this world.  The only things that make you different are perspective, experience, and tenacity.  I’m gaining lots of life experience.  I’m still really young and dumb when it comes to life things.  But that’s ok.  I haven’t lived very much life.  I can stop beating myself up over it.  But I think I can match most people on tenacity.  Perspective is what makes meeting new people fun.  You never know what other people are thinking.  Co creation is beautiful.

My masseuse tells me that I haven’t been exercising enough.  I don’t really have a masseuse, I just go to the same person a lot and I think there are very few females that usually get male masseuses in India so it’s strange and strange is memorable.  He says I need to be more active.  I’ve been working on the computer a lot.  He’s right- I need to get out there and move.  I’m hoping Yoga 3 days a week and weight lifting 3 days a week and then random dance parties for 1 whenever I feel like it does the trick.  Maybe I’ll get the office involved, just for kicks.

It’s weird to think of who you are, as opposed to who you think you are, as opposed to others perceptions of who they think you are.  At the end of the day, who’s right? And at the end of the day, does it really matter?

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