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When The Product Is You

I was thinking about it today.  But in this day and age, the product that you’re selling is yourself.  Brand You.  Which is pretty counterintuitive right?  Because usually people say, build a product to fit your customer.  But in this case, you are building yourself to make yourself happy.  And then seeing of other people are interested in the same thing.

Isn’t that strange? Is that a contradiction?  In this social media day and age, where every move you make, everything you do, people see it and watch it, what are we actually creating?

Or is it actually a good thing?  Maybe we’re realizing that the world is so big, and the internet is making it so small, that there are so many people who would be interested in Brand You.  Just the way you are

Which means maybe we should all do what Steve Jobs did and build the product that you want to build.  Your contribution to the world, no matter what anyone says.

You make you.

To put a dent in the Universe.

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