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Current Obsessions: Vol II

It’s kind of cool to see what I used to be obsessed with, and what I think of them now

Old stuff:

1.  Understanding People: I’ve realized that’s not an obsession, that’s a way of life.  I want to incorporate that into how I operate, because really if we can do that, I feel like that’s enlightenment right there.  (Step aside Buddha).

2.  Coffee & Tea: I still think it’s cool, but now I’m just drinking it.  I’m in LOVE (no really, if it could propose to me I would marry it) Chai Point Lemon Chai.  I’m BFF’s with the sales rep, because I literally order it every day to the office.  But learning more about it, if it happens, I’m ok with that.  At some point I will get to Coorg and it will be amazing.  But now I just find myself drinking tea, asking about it, and enjoying it.  Lots and lots of it.

3.  Dance: I still love it, but I can barely make it to class.  I think I’m going to have to stick to morning dance party’s for 1 in my bedroom for now.  Also, seriously, there is no good non-house/EDM music places to go out in Bangalore (and if you know them, please let me know!) so I’m just going to wait until I move to a city with a wider selection of dance music (i.e. music with actual beats and lyrics).

4.  Feminist Indian literature: It was cool, for one book (about Kamala Das).  And then I started reading other ones, and… I couldn’t get through it.  I feel really un-feminist writing that but…I decided to put this one on hold.  If I happen to stumble upon one I may read it, but I’m not actively seeking anything out right now.

New Stuff:

Visiting really cold places: Ok that sounds strange, but after I visited Copenhagen and, no joke, watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on the airplane (I loved that movie for some reason), I wanted to learn more about people who live in cold places.  It just blows my mind that people can live in places with snow and hail and storms.  I AM SUCH A CALIFORNIAN! I know I know.  But it is so fascinating!  Humans are incredible- learning how to build functioning societies despite nature’s challenges.  I want to go back and visit Norway and Sweden over the summer (my grandpa is back there and has friends).  Also Dublin.  Mostly because I think that will be crazy different from anything I know as well.  Oh the luck of the Irish

French: I’ve decided to learn French.  I started and then when my mom came in December, she basically said that French was useless and I should learn Kannada instead.  So I stopped.  But of course instead of spending that time learning Kannada, I did nothing (ok ok ok I started watching trashy online TV instead).  And then when I had to be in France last week, trying to communicate with doctors, and grocery people and the such, I was kicking myself for not learning.  So basically, since I want to be back in Menton in the future, I’m going to become fluent in French.  I also think it’s a beautiful language and have been weirdly fascinated with France for a while.  So French it is.

Reading Travel Fiction/Non Fiction/Travel Blogs: That’s a thing.  I want to learn more about places I haven’t been.  And of course look at pretty pictures.

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