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The Mental Physical Break

It’s a strange thing, the mind-body connection. But I became aware of it as I was doing yoga a few weeks ago.  I was trying to do this really difficult pose, and I realized when I’m doing yoga (or trying to do something difficult in yoga) I stop thinking about anything and my mind becomes blank.  Or I think about nice things.  Like…puppies.  Or something.  I don’t know.  I don’t actually remember what I think about, but it’s definitely not terrible. But that day, I was feeling really stressed and a bunch of negative thoughts were going through my head.  Turns out, I just gave up halfway in the pose and I couldn’t make myself get up and try again.  I just literally…stopped.  That had never happened to me before- I usually get somewhere at least.  It was really strange.

And that made me think- that ONE negative thought made it so that I couldn’t finish this one physical activity.  That’s sort of nuts when you think about it.  ONE negative thought made it so that for a good 15 minutes, I couldn’t accomplish any difficult physical task.  Actually lets rephrase that- until I stopped thinking about negative things, I couldn’t actually do anything physically challenging.  And that’s when I realized it’s a huge thing, what you think about.  If your mental activity prevents you from conducting physical tasks, imagine all the things your negative mental activity is not allowing you to do? Physical AND mental?

It’s pretty mind blowing when you think about it that way.  I’m reading The Power of Your Subconsciuos Mind, and the more I read about this stuff, the more I seriously think it’s what differentiates really successful people from average people.  There’s nothing wrong with being average, but in order to be really successful, I think it starts with controlling our own thoughts.

Yeah.  That’s a scary prospect.

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