Batshit Crazy.

I had the…I don’t even know what to call it, but I started reading my Evernote notes from the past year.  I forgot I was using Evernote and brought it up just now.  Can I just say…holy crap.  Some of the unfiltered stuff I wrote was certifiably BATSHIT CRAZY.  No seriously, I’m looking back to a year ago around this time and I am just so glad it’s April 2014, and not 2013.  I think I was trying to become a robot or something.  No really, I was experimenting with pushing the limits on human artificial intelligence or something like that.  Glad that experimentation is over.  In case it was unclear, the results were that it was a horrible idea.

I can’t believe I thought some of the stuff I thought.

Oh wait, it’s me.  Yes I can.

Well, here’s to…not being as dumb as you were a year ago.

GOD I can’t wait until I’m 60

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