Time After Time (On the French Riviera)

It’s crazy, I think there’s certain places that you just find yourself at, time after time.  My grandfathers apartment on the French Riviera is one of them. It’s sort of bittersweet- I feel like I only come here when something is wrong with my grandpa.

Just reminiscing about the differences between the last time I was here, and now


2009:  I tried cooking dal and rice.  It was so terrible it drove my grandpa to drink. My grandpa’s French neighbor came over and tried to teach me how to make Ratatouille.  The words, “I have to tell you to stir the stew? DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO BREATHE TOO?!”

2014:  I discovered the wonders of microwavable Indian food! 5 minutes before dinner, I stick Indian food in the microwave, put it on nice plates, and voila! Amazing Indian food that gets me a million compliments from my grandfather.  Also, if actual cooking is involved, I’ve learned to stick to the basics- omelets, salads, and sandwiches.  Solid.

General observations


2014: I’m down with this place.  The colors and architecture are awesome.

The People

2009: Why are you so mean?

2014: Aw, if I just pretend that I know French, and nod and smile a lot, they are really nice people

I guess things change.   Maybe it’s also because my grandpa is getting better, and it makes me happy.    But I really love this place.  It’s a great place to get away, and think.  I will definitely be coming back.


Pictures for posterity




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