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Dharma and Greg

Growing up I thought that was the coolest name for a show ever.  I also thought it was about Hinduism for some reason and got really excited because Indians were on TV.  This was before actually watching the TV show.  (WHO NAMES THEIR KID DHARMA?! Well, who names their daughter Anurag I guess.)  Anyway, needless to say I was a little disappointed.

I’ve been relating to the world in terms of dharma recently.  It’s a new lens through which I look at things (yes, how very Hindu of me).  But you know what? In business, it actually makes decisions a lot easier. It helps take the ego out of things.  When making a tough decision, if you think about it in terms of your own responsibility, and what is expected of you, things become a lot clearer.

And when you have that sort of clarity, that’s when I feel..free.  It’s almost a no brainer that these are the decisions that need to be made given my duty to the people around me, to the company, etc.

If I’m super honest, I’ve spent the couple years being the most selfish person on the planet.  And that was really fun.  But I think it’s time for a change.  Growing up means responsibilities.  I guess I’ve avoided responsibility until this point (I’m really good at it turns out), but NextDrop is so fun I never thought of it as a responsibility per se.  But when the going gets tough, I realized that’s the way to look at it.  It makes making the tough calls easier. For me personally at least.

I guess it makes me happy when I can legitimately say yeah, I’m in line with dharma.


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