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Under Pressure

How do you make investors 10x over 10 years.  How do you show that you’ve uncovered business secrets, and you’re just looking around because they’re so incredible you wonder how nobody else is moving on it.  And then you have to figure out why nobody else is moving on it, and if you’re idea is really valid.  Why can you execute over everyone else?  And most importantly, why should anyone care about this? You have to figure out if you’re too crazy and therefore too early for the market, or if you are just crazy enough and you can ride the wave.  You have to hypothesize about the behaviour of 1B+ people, and make a bet.  You take a call on it, and strategically align your business with that bet, given past data points that you’ve observed.  But you know what it comes down to? It comes down to your gut, and your observations.  Are you willing to make a $5M+ bet on your gut? And more importantly, can you convince someone else to take that bet on your behalf?

Can we convince people that we really have what it takes to be the next big thing?

This is my job.

I love high stakes poker.

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