Dream a Little Dream

I know that if I’m talking about dreams, I’m probably supposed to say something to the effect of yeah my ultimate goal in life is to travel the world.  Unfortunately, if I’m honest with myself, that’s really not true.  It’s weird when you’re actually living your first dream.  Which means that you have room for multiple dreams, or at least you should come up with another one because guess what, the first one just got checked off the list.  I can’t complain, I am living my biggest dream.

But what happens when you’ve done it?  Do you peak at the age of 26?  I mean yeah there’s still a long way to go to accomplish dream one, but it’s sort of…being done.  I don’t know if dreams are accomplishing the purpose of motivation if you’re living it out.  I think a lot of people don’t follow their dreams because it’s more motivating when you leave it as a dream. Which I totally understand.  Because what happens when you actually..do it?

Well, let me tell you.  If I’m super honest, in the beginning it’s amazing and exhilarating and the absolute best, but after a while, it’s weird and un-fun because you’re free wheeling and kind of lost (I mean hey, you just threw out your life compass, or forgot to go get a new one!). But eventually, while living this first dream, you come up with another one.  You sort of have to dig deep because for the first years you were so focused on figuring out how to accomplish the first dream, you never really thought about the others.  Or at least I didn’t

But I finally found my own- my next one.

It’s pretty strange, but I sort of love it.  I want to go back to the US, and I want to learn about it through the culture of pick up basketball.  I want to go to all the colleges/parks and play pick up.  I want to meet these random people, learn about their lives, and learn about how they see the world.  That’s during the afternoon’s and evenings.  In the mornings, I want to dance.  I want to train professionally, while my body still can.  I don’t want to actually become a dancer, but I want to train for it.  I absolutely love modern dance schools, like Alvin Ailey.  And I want to write.  I don’t know what, but I want to write something semi (or totally) biographical but more importantly, it needs to be funny.  There’s so much depressing stuff in the world, I really don’t want to be adding to it.

My perfect schedule would be:

dance, write, basketball, hang out with friends (and on weekends, go out and dance with them).  Maybe dancing professionally with a troupe would be cool.  I’d be ok with that.  But that’s what it would look like.  Dancing, writing, pick up basketball, and hanging out with cool people (slash dancing with them too).

Anyway, it’s nice when you find a new motivating dream.

It’s also nice to know that you know what to do once you’re living your first dream.  It means I am now free to have multiple dreams throughout life.

I think that’s pretty rad.

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