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Artists, Writers, and the Like

This weekend when I was in Mumbai I had the good fortune to meet up with an INK Fellow and his wife, who happens to be a painter.  We were supposed to talk about the startup eco system in India, but when his wife started talking about her work, views on life, etc…I found it to be an incredibly fascinating window into a new way of thinking (and decided to table the startup talk for another day)

I’ve always admired artists, not so much for the work they created, but for the way they view the world.  It’s not even the view that’s different- it’s their ability to slow things down, and take life as it comes.  Mainly the way in which they craft this view.  Maybe not all artists, but at least the ones I have read about for the most part, and the ones I have met.

I guess that’s the skill I want to learn.  How do they feel ok slowing down and observing the nuances of life? Why are they not compelled to learn everything, process every piece of digital information the world throws at them through ever increasing media forms in ever more fragmented, short, and ADD like structures?

Or maybe that’s my problem right? There are no absolutes- life is fluid.  People are fluid.  We are fluid.  There is no, this is how I am. Maybe it’s more…this is how I am today.

Anyway, I do know I need to pay attention better. If at the very least so I can get back to my aunts house in Mumbai without getting lost.


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