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2 Pac and Guns: Lean Startup Body (III)

2 Months later, and yes, I think I have at least a 2 pack and guns.  I even have obliques (dear biology textbooks, I know what you mean now!)  I’m probably in the best shape of my life, but it doesn’t quite feel like it.  My arms are cut, my abs are decent, and the rest is fine.  At least I’m not too bothered about it- not really trying to wear anything past knee length anytime soon.  And even if I were, I feel like people can deal- it’s not like I’m the one looking at it.  (I never really got that- shouldn’t people be paying ME to look good- aren’t THEY the ones looking at me? Anyway, some things I suppose we’ll never figure out)

But by God, I’m so motivated to get in better shape, because of dance.  The only reason I want to whittle down my mid section even further is so that I can leap better, higher, lengthen longer.  And the only reason I feel like working on the rest of my body is so that I can be a better dancer.  It’s such a powerful motivation-  I forgot how it felt to care about something (besides work) so deeply.

Back in college, I used to spend about 10-15 hours in the gym per week.  Now I remember why.  I think I’m going back to that stat.  It’s not just wanting to be in shape, but I forgot how therapeutic it was.  It’s strange- usually if you are in better shape, you feel better.  I think so much stuff is happening to me all at once, my psyche hasn’t processed the whole body getting in better shape thing.  It’s still worried about other things.  But I think I am the sort of person that NEEDS that much physical activity, and I think once I start getting more intense physical activity for extended periods of time (whether I see any difference or not) I will feel a lot better about things.  Some people are just wired that way.  I am that sort of person.  Or else I just cry.  No really, I do.

New Year, here’s the plan:

Weight training 3 days a week (it wasn’t an accident I picked an office in Bangalore that was walking distance to a Gold’s Gym), dance classes 2-5 days of the week (2 on the weekends and 3 during the weekdays- the ones on the weekdays may go, but the weekend ones I absolutely love), throw in yoga 1-2 days a week (depending on how I feel- this may or may  not stay…), and then (fun) dance (party) 1 hour every  morning.  That was doctors orders.  Swear to god I get my best ideas during that hour.  You think I’m kidding.  You should see my notebooks.  Must be something about hanging out with Jay Z, Macklemore, AR Rahman, Fort Minor, and the Lumineers, all before work even starts.

But honestly, I don’t think it was the exercise that got me to where I was.  I think it was the eating habits.  I just tried to stick to 2 rules: Get to the gym 3 days a week (weight training), and eat at home all the time.  Oh yeah, I didn’t spend more than 7 days in 1 location over the past two months- how did that work?  Yes, this meant that I Googled Gold’s Gym wherever I went ( I can tell you where all the good ones are in India now FYI) but that’s what you have to do when you’re on the road.  I also carried my gym clothes with me wherever I went (my backpack is amazing).  And if you can’t eat at home, at least don’t eat at the fancy restaurants.  I usually try and stick to the cheap South Indian food (idli vada sambar etc..).  Basically, if they had napkins, I avoided the restaurant. (It also helped that I was super poor so I couldn’t really afford fancy restaurants).  All the Punjabi curries are where it kills you- unless you’re actually in Punjab, then it’s probably legit. If you can just do that, I think you’ll see drastic changes.

Anyway, I’m stoked for the next year.  I’m hoping that I can get so good, I will be in an actual dance production.  The troupes I learn from have those going on.  I was too chicken to try out this past week but…maybe next year I will.  Baby steps.

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