Sometimes We Were Smarter When We Were Younger

It’s funny, sometimes I get so caught up in becoming better, I forget what I never wanted to change.  I remember senior year, looking back at my freshman self and thinking about how I had changed, and how I really liked certain things I did when I was a freshman.  I was fearless, and I didn’t care what people thought (maybe I took it to the extreme at that point, but I decided I needed more of that during that time in life).  And it’s great because after I recognized what I wanted and…I just did it.  And it was awesome.

And I suppose history tends to repeat itself.  Now I’m looking back, and I think I used to trust the universe a lot more than I do now.  In fact, I was looking at my Facebook profile, which, (besides profile pictures), hasn’t really been updated since undergrad, and I saw a quote about trusting the universe.  I just remember the feeling of being ok with things.  Granted there were a lot fewer things to trust the universe about, but I distinctly remember feeling much more at peace.  Nowadays, I only get those moments once in a while, but I remember back then, it was much more often.

Well, maybe things look a lot rosier 3 years later than if you had asked me how I felt on that day, but I think the point is, when you set out to better yourself, sometimes you forget about the things you really never wanted to change.

But the cool part is that once you remember what you liked about yourself, you can go about…getting it back.  I’ve done it before, I can definitely do it again.

So I suppose that’s what I’m going to focus on. Being..at peace with the Universe.  Not just once in a while, but all the time.  Making it a habit.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes We Were Smarter When We Were Younger”

  1. Completely agree with your message, I think if we were more naive at a younger age it felt easier to trust the world and the universe. the title of your blog caught my eye, because a close friend of mine recently quit her job and moved to india as well hahaha. weird coincidence


    1. Wow, that is a weird coincidence! And yes, I think you’re right in that we aren’t as jaded when we’re younger. I suppose the goal is to be…un-naiveley hopeful? (is that even a word? it should be.)


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