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This Moment of Clarity

No matter what you do, you probably can’t get most people to like you.  Mostly because there is no objective way of ‘being’.  Everyone’s truth is so irreconcilably different, trying to get some sort of consensus would prove exponentially difficult- so difficult, in fact, that if this were a dynamic programming problem, it would be so computationally complex that no modern computer would have the capacity to compute this solution and would therefore be deemed unsolvable (yes, I still think of the world in terms of math problems, sorry).

But the fact of the matter is that no man is an island, so it never made sense to me when people said, don’t worry about what anyone else says.  Of course you should care about what SOME people say, because then you’re just floating about the world with no anchor in any sort of reality you believe in. The trick, I think, is picking WHO you care to listen to.

I believe in the Fave 5 (my favorite Sprint commercials from way back when, with Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade) I pick 5 people in the world who I listen to, when it comes to the serious stuff (well give or take, but you get the idea).  And everyone else, well…you know.  There’s a wall (sort of Berlin style), with a virtual assistant who gets to screen commentary and issue entry visas, with the boss deciding, ultimately, what comments get permanent citizenship and which ones don’t (yes, it’s actually that militant).  But without that anchor (and really that wall), you’ll be pulled in so many directions that you don’t even know what to think.

So who’s in your Fave 5?

2 thoughts on “This Moment of Clarity”

  1. I think if you look at your own behavior, you don’t like everyone you meet.

    So the same should apply to in the reverse order. Logically speaking.
    Humans are not logical creatures, not always.

    Thinking in terms of math problems. Did you ever explore functional programming languages ever? Python does list functional as it’s paradigm. I don’t know if you’ve ever explored that part of it. Might expand the way you think.


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