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India is Where the Action Is

India is…Revolution in motion.  It’s progress at breakneck speed (although people will probably tell you otherwise).  It’s exciting, and fresh, but at the same time dangerous and volatile.  If you really stop and think of what you are looking at/are privy to/are shaping as we speak, it’s mind blowing.

I think the combination of perspective (foreign & fresh eyes) coupled with the doors and opportunities that present itself (given currently accessible networks) create a sea of endless possibilities.  Imagine the US in the 1800’s- yeah?  That’s where India is now.  India got independence 66 years ago.  Let me repeat that.  India got Independence 66 years ago.  You know what we were doing in the 1800’s?  We just bought the Lousiana Purchase, Ohio became a State, we were still fighting off the British (with the War of 1812), and we just built ourselves a railroad.

Ok now- imagine that was going on but we a) had the internet b) everyone had a cell phone and c) had 1 billion people.

Now imagine that you had input into what happened to the country?  Imagine you could build a business that could expedite growth and progress, and actually change the course of history and consequently, the human race as we know it?

That’s building a startup in India.  If you can disrupt India, you disrupt the world.

Just something to think about.

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