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Sleepless in Hubli

(Pseudo Stream of Consciousness)

Do you ever engage in a battle with your body: you know logically that your body needs sleep, but you really just want to keep working, not for any good reason except that there’s this big bad world out there and you feel the need to master it all?

The funny part is that it’s nothing major, no pressing deadlines, and nothing will self destruct if it doesn’t get done.  But basically, I just started delving into the world of Public Relations and social media as it relates to business, and really, it’s blowing my mind.  In the holy crap there’s so much I don’t know way.

Of course everything comes out of necessity, and as I sit here, trying to get some sleep, my mind really won’t let me because it’s telling me that I’m at least 20 years behind the curve and I need to understand how to use Twitter (mostly Twitter right now) to my advantage otherwise everyone will eat us alive.  This, of course, is the 2am brain talking.

It’s funny but these are the things that keep me up.  Not business dilemmas (mostly because I have a kick ass team to figure that stuff out), but the things that I should be doing, that I’m behind on.

As Entrepreneur/CEO, I’m responsible for everything that I didn’t hire someone to do.  Currently, that entails mainly being CEO, CFO, and everything related to Marketing/PR.  I guess I’m just trying to get over the fact that I’m stuck in the 18th Century and think all these newfangled communication mechanisms are just completely bizarre.  I mean, I can actually wonder what Mindy Kaling is thinking right now, and I’d be able to find out (FYI as of 3 hours ago she was jonsing after Mark Duplass).  Do I find that I have access to this stuff weird?  Yeah. Like a ton.  I feel like a cyber creeper.

BUT- I mean, people put it out there.  And its now becoming the norm to expect people to know stuff from the internet.  Friends have started apologizing for not reading my blog.  Which is weird to me because if it were really that important, I would have called them!  I love that they do, but really, it’s totally fine if that doesn’t happen. However, I feel like not responding to people by not logging into Twitter just don’t get around to it, is not a very good reason for not responding.  I think it would make people upset.  Actually, I know it would make people upset.

I guess there’s just like..25 million things to do in a day and finally, I think this whole social media thing is registering on the radar/something I actually have to put on the to do list.

So I apologize for my social media ineptitude (me and my 2am brain) and the ridiculous learning curve.  I’m really going to try and be better at this stuff.

First step: Getting sleep.

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