Life Goals

The Happiness/To Do List

I think I’ve narrowed it down to the things that I want to focus on/the things that make me happy. Here are some doable things I want to accomplish in the next few months:

1.  Make my new house look amazing/learn about design:  I found I really enjoy art and design, and I want a place in India where I can just go and be really happy.  I realize I like staying in hotels not for the room service or anything, but because I love the bed, the TV, sofa, shower etc… So I figure, may as well make that in my own house.  I want a place I can look forward to coming home to and a place to call my own.  I’ve always wanted to figure out how to make a place look like a catalogue, and hopefully I can do that in India.  Or at least I can try.  And now that I’m traveling, I realize I really do love learning about Indian art/design.  Might as well, since I’m in India.  I”m moving to a new house in Hubli at some point in the near future, so here is the list of things I want in my new and improved place:

  • Really nice mattress (found a place in Mumbai that sells killer mattresses, going to order one and have delivered to my house- hopefully)
  • Amazing pillow (also at mattress store)
  • 4 poster bed frame (Always wanted one of these- lets see if I can make this happen.  Need to find a legit carpenter)
  • Kick ass bed sheets/bed linens (Found multiple places to source this)
  • Custom Sofa (made out of wood so it looks more Indian.  Again, need to find a legit carpenter)
  • Throw pillows (found multiple ways to source this)
  • Air Conditioning (It’s India in the summer- enough said)
  • Wireless Internet (No really, internet is a huge issue- never use a data card)
  • Television (I’m buying myself a flat screen TV for my birthday- is this materialistic and selfish? Maybe.  But hey, a girl wants what a girl wants)
  • Cable (to go along with the television so I can get addicted to Indian trashy television now as well- preferably in Hindi so I can learn it while I don’t even know it)
  • Microwave (I want me one because now that I realize I hate cooking, I want to buy ready made microwaveable food and eat leftovers because I am just that sort of person)
  • Working fridge with legit freezer (mine doesn’t work in my current house)
  • Laundry facility with ironing (I’m going to find a local guy around my house to wash my clothes, iron them, and then give them back.  I’ve realized this is muy importante because I can’t seem to find a good iron/ironing board in Hubli so maybe I’m doing it wrong or maybe they just don’t sell them because most people go to the local guy to get it done).
  • Working electrical sockets so I can use a blow dryer/flat iron without blowing out the fuses in the entire house (no really, this is an issue.  Laugh now, but until you’ve had Indian girl hair, you just don’t understand).
  • Good shower head (this is probably one of the most underrated things I have ever come across, but since I haven’t had a working showerhead for the past 9 months, I’ve started really appreciating good showerheads at hotels.  I want me one.  They are amazing.)

And I am going to document the entire process because I think it’s fun and it makes me happy.

2.  Speak Python (Not in the Harry Potter Parsletongue sort of way): I want to learn Python because…it’s so hard to find good programmers, and I want to be able to talk with them, and I think it’s frustrating when I don’t know how to code myself.  So I’m just going to do it.  Also, I think in the future I may want to learn how to design websites, so learning object oriented programming is probably going to be very helpful.  I’m pretty jealous of all those people that can code.  I feel like there’s a whole new world I’m not exposed to because of my lack of coding abilities.  Especially in the design realm.  So I want to fix that.  Stat.

I’m going to decode the crazy coding world.  It seriously just seems like a bunch of…random acronyms right now, but I’m going to take care of that.  And write about it. Mwahaha.


Order of preference/Timeline:

1.  Get/Finish awesome house (End of May)

2.  Decode the world of coding in my awesome house (June-Dec)

3.  Focus on having fun (May-December)


I think I have a new life plan. I like plans.  Especially fun plans.  They make me happy.

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