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Random Musings from an Indian Recluse

Lets be real here.  I’ve pretty much spent the last 9 months hiding out in India. I can count the number of people I talk to on a regular basis (that’s not work related) and two of those include my mom and dad.  It’s actually been quite awesome. I think after 24 years of basically being the opposite of recluse-like, I just decided that it would be nice to hide away for a while.  Am I done hiding?  I don’t know.  I feel like I need to enter back into civilization at some point.  I’ve made my first attempts by trying to watch TV shows on Hulu.  I am starting to feel the culture shock.  I am currently addicted to this show, New Girl, with Zoey Deschanel. It’s quite awesome and fantastic in an oh man I think that totally happens sort of way.  And yet, it really makes me happy that I am off being a recluse in India.  It’s nice because I now look at all the things that I used to think were important and I just shake my head, and wonder how I was ever so dumb (and by “used to” I mean 9  months ago).

I don’t have any profound realizations or anything.  It’s just that any detox program (i.e. being a recluse and closing yourself off from American civilization) lets you get rid of all the things you previously took for granted and lets you critically analyze your life. Also, focusing on one awesome thing (i.e. my job) and giving it all of my attention is pretty rad.  I have never really had this much focus in my life before- I’ve always had life ADD.  Of course, this is pretty much not sustainable, but I’ll work on that part later.  Baby steps.

I absolutely love the thunder and lightening here in Hubli-Dharwad.  It’s so awesome.  It totally lights up the sky.  Kind of like God reminding you that nature is much bigger than you will ever be, so if you are stressed out about whatever dumb thing you are stressing out about, stop it.

Still digging the motorcycles.  I am still too lazy to actually ride myself, but luckily that is the preferred office mode of transport.

I think I’ve also decided that in life, there are no rules.  That’s the only real rule.  Because what works for one person, totally doesn’t work for another person.  So really, there’s no point in trying to compare yourself to other people, or doing the “right thing” to get that job you really want or the guy you want to marry because honestly, that “right path” doesn’t exist.  And it’s definitely not in the we should all give up and stop trying because life sucks sort of way.  More in the, you should really just listen to your gut even if you’ve never seen it done before because chances are someone somewhere is doing the same thing and succeeding.  Basically if you can dream it up, you can do it.  It’s pretty empowering.  Which also means I’ve spent a lot more time envisioning, and figuring out what I really want.

I’m reading Tony Heisch’s book on Zappos.  I’m at the part where he’s figuring out what makes him happy.  It’s a tough question.  I don’t exactly know what makes me happy.  I need a raincheck on that question.  It’s probably a little bit sad that I’ve been a recluse this long and have not been able to answer the question, but also, in my defense, I’m generally a happy person.  Life is pretty great most of the time.  Maybe I should just list the things that make me sad instead.  Excel.  Working on Excel makes me die a little inside.

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