Exercise, So Good They Can't Ignore you

So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Week…Who Knows/The Jillian Michaels Theory

Apparently, I’m really not good with this whole sticking to a regimen thing.  But I’ve always known that and I’ve known it was something I have to work on.  That being, said, I think I have a few theories as to why January went off great, and February was pretty dismal.  Even in my performance at work (yes I actually score myself everyday) in January I averaged 6-7/10, and in February, it was around a 5.  Here are the variables I can think of:

1.  I just came back from vacation in January, so I was more enthused about…everything. That’s what some people say, but I don’t buy that really.

2.  In February, I never had any weekends to myself.  I was visiting family every weekend this month.  While this is great and fantastic, it is not really a time I can turn “off”.  I need some time to just..do nothing.  And reflect on stuff.  January had lots of that- whereas February was pretty much devoid of any Anu gets to recharge time.  I think this is a major reason why January was so much better than February

3.  The Jillian Michaels Theory:  This is probably going to sound ridiculous but in January, I was obsessed with Jillian Michaels workout DVDs (they are amazing by the way).  However, in February, I decided to just go to the gym instead.  I thought all I needed was exercise- but I think I was wrong.  The workout DVD made me FOCUS- because it packed an hour’s worth of blood sweat and tears in 20 minutes.  So every minute, I had to keep pushing myself.  At the gym, however, I did stuff at my own pace, and pretty much never pushed myself to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with.  I spent double the time, and got probably similar workouts/calorie burn, but the thing I was missing was FOCUS, and pushing myself- especially when I really didn’t want to keep going.

Things I want to change in March:

  • Going back to Jillian Michaels!  We’ll see if this is going to give me the results I want (focus wise)
  • Spending weekends unwinding (either with friends or doing nothing in the house which is actually ridiculously fantastic)
  • Focus on each task, each day:  Things are starting to get a little crazy, but the only way to effectively deal with it is to take each hour as it comes, each task as it comes, and each day as it comes.  And fight to make sure each minute of each day counts. If I can do that, I think March will be pretty great.

So where am I with the reading?

  • Finished Executive Presence: The Art of Commanding Respect Like a CEO:   It was an OK read, but if you are short on time, I think you can skip this one.  There was one interesting chapter on personal branding (i.e. think of yourself as a brand and then think of every single action as a marketing campaign) but I think its really for more higher level CEOs (i.e. people with thousands of workers under them).
  • Half way done with The Kobe Code: 8 Principles for Success: I am liking this one.  The Jordan one was much better (and I don’t think it’s due to their difference in work ethic/style) but just that Jordan was done with his career when his book was written and Kobe is still making his (albiet its probably at the end of it).  Either way, it’s pretty good, and maybe worth reading.  It’s funny, I can almost see why Jordan achieved the success he did, and Kobe is where he’s at.  I think Jordan’s attitude was just…better.  For example, Kobe’s view view on fear.  Kobe uses fear to motivate himself, bu Jordan never even considered failing.  I like that.  Anyway, more on that later.

So this week, I should be done with Venture Deals, and the Kobe Code. I’m also going to try to do an hour of Python learning a day.  Probably when I get up in the morning, and after I work out.  Lets see if I can squeeze that in as well.

Here’s to recalibrating, and trying again!

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