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New Years Resolution: Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Quote taken from Steve Martin’s memoirs, but it’s basically the only way to be successful.  Be so good they can’t ignore you.  This post was taken from the blog, Study Hacks, but this is my New Years Resolution, and this post is my way of applying it to my life.

2012 Goal:  To be the best social entrepreneur/CEO. Period. I want to take NextDrop to the next level.  To quote the Study Hack post, I want to forget all the frustration, the tricks, and the worry.  I just want to focus on becoming good.  Really Damn good.  Outstanding. Unlike anyone who has come before me.

How to do this:  

1.  I need to understand what the best entrepreneurs/CEO’s do well.

Part 1 Deliverable:  List of 50 things that the best entrepreneurs/CEO’s do well.

Due Date: Feb 30, 2012 with weekly blog post updates reviewing the books I have read/evidence I have collected to support my statements.

2.  Then figure out why.

Part 2 Deliverable: 5 page paper on why the best entrepreneurs/CEO’s do these things well.

Part 2 Due Date: March 30, 2012

3.  Then figure out how to mix and match and recreate to make something even new and better: the next evolution of entrepreneur/CEO

Part 3 Deliverable:  Action plan: visualizing exactly how/what I need to do to be the best entrepreneur/CEO there is. Implementation Plan: how to implement this plan from Jun 15, 2012- Jun 15, 2013.

Part 3 Due Date: June 15, 2012 (my birthday)

I will post my weekly Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You plan here on either Sunday or Monday, and will review the week on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Here’s to a New Year: And being so good they can’t ignore you.

2 thoughts on “New Years Resolution: Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You”

  1. Nice timelines, but I wonder if you would ever be able to get past #1 on the list since there is NO 30th day in February. Anyways, good luck!


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